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Rural Innovation Centre

The Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre is transforming the landscape.

Part of our business development included a strategic decision to join the Acadia Entrepreneurship Centre’s Innovation & Incubation services. As a client, we have been afforded unique access to funding channels, collaborative partnerships and a dynamic creative space where we can engage students, clients, and the community. When they approached us to help with their branding, it was a no-brainer! 

While those who benefit from the Centre’s services span a number of industries, there are concentrated efforts on tidal energy and agricultural innovation. Both the Acadia Tidal Energy Institute and the Atlantic Wine Institute maintain a presence, along with local ICT start-ups. 

Universities themselves are hubs of innovation, so a key branding strategy for the Centre is to encourage student-led initiatives. They were awarded  an ACOA provincial sandbox which we’ve also helped develop and brand: launchbox. 

Taking all of the stakeholders into account, we set out to give them all a voice – a nice challenge! Our design subtly captures the agrarian, tidal, and ICT themes, with a clean and minimalist aesthetic. Are they rolling fields...or billowing waves? You take your pick. But one thing is certain – they’re all increasingly high-tech, and engaged.

And it’s not all about internal accessibility. The Rural Innovation Centre is big on reaching out to the community and established businesses. Heeding the call from the One Nova Scotia report, the Centre is being recognized for its leadership in developing Nova Scotia's most vital assest: our people!

Part of our branding task was to prepare an ad for an Entrevestor Magazine campaign focusing on investment opportunities coming out of educational institutions. As any good creative media agency will explain, it’s way harder to make a simple design than to prattle on. Armed with a total of 14 words, a minimalist design and bold statement, we’re helping the Centre make its mark and shift ideas around rural innovation.

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