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The Intuitive Accessibility Services Platform

AccessDeck is our innovative and award-winning answer to burgeoning demand for post-secondary accessibility services. With universities and colleges facing resource and budgetary constraints, our affordable and flexible software is designed to reduce administrative burden, streamline service delivery, coordinate testing accommodations, and manage communications and resources.

Our development is focused on end-user experience. We make design decisions with the input of students, proctors, Disability Resource Facilitators and Accommodation Coordinators. The result: an effective, intuitive and context-driven product. From an easy-to-use dashboard for administrators, to a mobile enhanced console for students, to seamless integration with existing systems. 

The administrative app was developed with Angular.js, optimized for client-side functions. The student app capitalizes on jQuery Mobile, making it look and feel like a native mobile app. We have a powerful, relational database in the back-end complete with plugins and an API – a key cost-saving and security bolstering feature!

AccessDeck is responsive by design, making it flexible for users and their increasing array of mobile interfaces. It is entirely web-based and has broad browser support (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari). We’re also working on native iOS and Android apps.

Our goal in designing the AccessDeck website was to clearly identify key features, while showcasing the software’s originality in an engaging digital environment. The result was a simple, high-impact micro site. To truly appreciate the platform, we incorporated a demo request form. 

Our design team understands branding is more than just creating a logo - it’s about leaving a mark, telling a story. The logo created for AccessDeck serves as the face of the software and captures the vision – an intuitive digital platform where student success is paramount.

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