Our journey

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.
 – Robert Frost
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Why we do it

We care. We care about people – we care about their unique values and we aim to capture each vision and bring it to life. 

We care about context. We understand that technology doesn't exist in a vacuum. So we tailor our solutions to address sociocultural nuances. 

We care about form and function – looking good is just not good enough for us. Everything must have normative value - a net benefit to the user and beyond.

How we got here

Lifelong business/adventure traveler, entrepreneur and technophile meets creative and seasoned researcher.  Founded by a husband and wife team in 2013, Frostbyte Interactive is the embodiment of taking the road less traveled. 

Our creative space is in the recently formed Rural Innovation Centre on the Acadia University campus, which affords us unique opportunities to engage faculty and students.

Defying convention, we've stayed for the life...instead of moving for the job. We’re proud to call rural Nova Scotia our home, and the world our opportunity.

What we’re made of

Our team is held together by a common motivation – to exceed client expectations. We have no departments. We don't limit ourselves to job descriptions; we work together, pooling our strengths, however broad they may be. 

We’re a growing network of full-time employees, along with several collaborative partnerships. Our staff has extensive international exposure with a very local presence. We’re part artist, part scientist, part philosopher, part coder, part entrepreneur...and all passionate!


President & Director of Business Development


Director of Communications & Project Coordinator


Senior Developer


Senior Database & Systems Design


Junior Developer


Graphic & Illustration Design


Creative Media Layout


Interactive Mapping & GIS


Digital Marketing




Finance & Accounting

Our Creative Process


Capture client vision and expectations.


Technologies change. We monitor and leverage trends.


We don’t think attention to detail is cliché.


Nimble enough to pivot; adept enough to know when.

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